Meet The GPP Ladies

Hey there! 

We’re delighted to introduce you to The GPP Ladies. They’ll be sharing their stories with you…no holds barred. You’ll learn from their stories, you might cry but you will also receive answers to the questions that are burning in your heart. 

So meet the GPP Ladies and feel free to have a favourite 🙂 

Ms Jasmine.


Talking about myself is something that I find awkward but I have to do this. 

People see me and they automatically believe that I am innocent; that I have no capacity to fall into sin. 

If only they knew that for many years I struggled with fornication. I don’t know, I just couldn’t say no. 

No I wasn’t an unbeliever. I knew it was sinful but I did it, enjoyed it if I might add. 

I had no one to talk to about it because I did not want to be judged. I was a role model in church you see. And then I sunk so low as to have sex with a married man! Gasp. I’ll tell you the story in my column. 

That was four years ago. 

Today, I’m in a much better place. Not perfect obviously but I have learnt to put boundaries in place. 

I have also learnt to accept God’s mercy. So many times I felt so ashamed of myself that I ran from God. I realised that it was totally unnecessary. 

Now, I’m walking day by day with God and holding on to His word that He will give me the strength to overcome any temptation. 

If I can be set free from fornication, you can be set free too. 

Let’s chat on my column. I have a lot to share with you!




Hello ladies, 

I have NEVER written about my struggles as a christian lady so this might be a rough and bumpy ride but I ASSURE you that you will be blessed. 

You see, the christian race is one that is laden with so many bumps….anyone who tells you it is all smooth and rosy, lies and the truth is not in such a person. The race isn’t smooth, you will fall so many times but you HAVE to rise again. 

I’m going to be sharing my journey with pornography, fornication and how God delivered me. I couldn’t talk to anyone about my struggles; not after being seen as that holy and sanctified sister; I couldn’t just open up to anyone. But you have the chance to open up to someone, you have the chance to be saved. 

This is a very uncomfortable journey for me; but your deliverance is WAY MORE IMPORTANT than my feelings. I have done so many unprintable things but for the grace of God. He can and will save you too. 

Sexual impurity only takes you down. You lose clarity and vision; do you want to go through 2017 blind? I guess not. Follow my column. I will show you step by step how God saved me. 

God is set to do something in 2017, plug in people! I can’t wait to hear your testimonies. 

God bless you all. 



I have had an on and off relationship with God which made me feel very guilty.

I cohabited with a guy for years, dated another guy that battered my self-esteem, had a one night stand with a married man, clubbed, smoked, drank alcohol and had an abortion.

To my folks I was the perfect child. I lived a two faced life and all of these affected the way I related with people. To some I was that deep spirit filled sister, to others I was that popping babe although Christian still ran and knew things.

In my closet, I would judge myself and cry a lot, asking why do unbelievers find it comfortable to talk to me, giving me intimate gist about their lives. Anytime the sexual purity talk comes up; I would be so uncomfortable, worrying who would ever marry this non-virgin and someone who had had an abortion.

Now I am a Young Wife and Mum and in a better and stronger relationship with God. I do not judge myself anymore; I have seen God’s love come through for me repeatedly. I am learning that God’s gift and calling is without discrimination and everyday he teaches you to be better.

Let’s chat on my column shall we? I look forward to meeting you!!!




I don’t know if I m qualified to advice young ladies out there but one thing is certain; I HAVE A STORY TO SHARE! I hope someone who feels irreparably damaged will be touched by it and realize that God is always ready to fix us no matter how far we’ve strayed away from His love.

I have never been this open about my life because I hate feeling vulnerable or having people judge me, but then if God won’t judge me or use my past against me why should I be bothered about His creations judging me after I have been saved?

My life has been nothing short of the testimonies of God’s unending faithfulness and loyalty in spite of me being me; disobedient, sinful …

I grew up with a Christian background. I joined every group there was to join in church and was involved in every activity. That was for the onlookers because my personal relationship with God was a BUMPY ride to GRACELAND. 

Despite the Christian background that I have, a lot of people see me and have a very negative impression about me (I’ll never know why). The only people who saw me as a saint were my relatives and close friends who appeared to be the so called ‘bad girls’. If only they knew I was their boss.

Talk about sinning, I was privileged to have God pull me back from getting too deep into sin (I certainly was deep in it; Fornication, pretense, abortions…we’ll talk better in my column precious).

I tried to keep my virginity till marriage and all but the young Christian got distracted by the ephemeral things of the world. I was involved in a lot of sexual sins, thankfully for a short while. There are times I wish it could be erased but then I remember it’s been erased by the blood of the Lamb.

I did all sorts of things to please and keep men whom I thought l loved. I justified myself with the fact that I wasn’t having different sexual partners at the same time and I wasn’t involved with married men. What I forgot was that every sin is equal in the sight of God; non was excusable

I’ll share my journey of Grace and Salvation from sexual sins with you in my column. I am certain that you are not beyond saving, God’s saving grace wouldn’t just repair you, it will make you brand new like it did for me.