Trying to force love to work

Fast forward to 200L; I had been crushing on this guy since 100L. It was a ‘terrible’ crush. People couldn’t understand why I liked him; I didn’t too but I just knew I wanted him. He was immature; I saw this before I dated him but I still went ahead. He spoke to me anyhow but I still went ahead.

At that point, no one could tell me anything.  As at this time; I was immersed in low self-esteem; I felt men asking me out was the only measure by which I could affirm that I was beautiful. So he not liking me back was a big blow to the little self-esteem I had. We finally dated 200L second term and that remains the only semester I had the lowest grades in school.

You see, I wanted him more than anything other than God. But the first time we kissed; I finally agreed this wasn’t it. Because somewhere in my heart I know that the man God has for me wouldn’t kiss me before marriage.

And then one day; I was going to church and my praise team leader just told me; ‘let no man despise thy youth’. She was so scared to tell me because she wasn’t sure the message was for me, but I confirmed to her it was for me.

Ladies, not every man is for you. He is a good guy but good for someone else; not me. Learn to let go of men who treat you bad. God has greater things in store for you than that. The man God has for you; will seek you and find you. If you have to literally force a man to love and cherish you; that’s a sign he isn’t yours.

All that is good and perfect comes from God. He wouldn’t give you a man that will treat you anyhow. He won’t give you a man that will hurt you every chance he gets. God gives us men after his heart. That’s why you have to be so lost in him to be found by the man he has ordained for you.

Don’t believe the lies of the society; great men still exist and ONLY God can lead them to you. This might be through any means; your friends, your pastor, your church member, your fellow worker etc. Just be yielded, hHe won’t lead you astray.


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