God’s grace is always available

Hey lady, 

I want to share these words that I stumbled on with you. 

“You’ve done nothing so horrible that grace can’t cover it. Grace is always greater—no matter what.”

Are you currently entangled in sexual sin? You can come out of it.

Have you been adventurous sexually in the past and you feel dirty? Jesus died on the cross to wash all of the dirtiness away.

Are you at the point of bowing to temptation? Your body is going out of control and you are almost giving in. Don’t despair, you can cry out to God.

He cares about every single aspect of your life.

Talk to Him about how you feel.

Talk to Him about that temptation that stares at you boldly in the face.

Tell Him that your spirit is willing but your flesh is weak.

Ask Him for strength. Ask Him to help you overcome.

You don’t have to give in and if you have given in, grace is available.

Yes, grace is available to every single one of us because we are all imperfect.

Have a fabulous week.


Ms Jasmine 


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