Warning: Stay away from toxic people

Dear GPP,

You are loved, beautiful, fearfully and wonderfully made. Today I write you to warn you about toxic people especially toxic guys.

Simply put toxic means waste, dangerous, bad produce and poisonous. You might say. ‘Jade how I detect a toxic person?’

It’s easy.

Have you been around a person that bashes your confidence, constantly telling you that you are not all of that and that you should stop carrying yourself as a big deal?

Ever been around that friend that always finds a way to deflect your ideas; draining, non-supportive and difficult people?

Friends with or in a relationship with someone that calls you a pretender, a miss two goody shoes because you insist on “NO SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE”. Those friends are not worth your time. Do not let anyone shame you because you have decided to wait or you have never had sex before. Don’t.

What about toxic guys? If your guy uses you anyhow, as regards sex, you need to flee. I mean, it is bad enough that you’re having sex before marriage but now he wants to try other styles of sex and there is no sign of commitment from him? He wants to finish your market before you meet the ONE. Hello, that is a waste and thief, run. You are worth more than that!

I have just mentioned a few examples of toxic people; it takes only the grace of God to see toxic people for the waste they truly are.

So how do you stay away from toxic people?

Ask God for help to recognize toxic persons. You can only do this if you have a relationship with God. So the questions is, do you have relationship with God?

If you don’t, you need to invite Jesus to come into your life. Please read Romans 10:9-10. Jesus wants to be a significant part of your life; He is interested in you.

Also, talk to someone that you can be accountable to and would help you on your journey of staying away from toxic friends.

Don’t forget, you are precious to God and you deserve the best!




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